9515140, 9571781, 01711581415
Baitul View Tower (11th floor) 56/1, Purana Paltan, Dhaka-1000.


Banco Group
This group started its business in 1995 with membership no. 63 of Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd. in the name and style of Banco TransWorld (Bangladesh) Ltd. and a real estate company in the name of Summit Properties Ltd. In course of time, Banco Securities Ltd. and Banco Finance & Investment Ltd. came into being as a broker house and merchant banker respectively in place of Banco TransWorld (Bangladesh) Ltd. Gradually it stepped into other sectors.
In addition to business activities, this group is discharging its social responsibilities by helping schools, madrassas and poor class of our society with the ultimate aim of poverty alleviation.
Bangladesh has been facing a power crisis for about a decade, mainly because of inadequate power generation capacity compared with demand and ageing infrastructure of many existing power generation facilities. Banco power has a long term plan of investing in PPP project for developing some national interest infrastructure and utilities. BANCO POWER LTD has been working for implementing a 50MW IPP power plant in Bangladesh for launching power sector business prospect.
As businesses evolve in a dynamic global market, smart card usage has also expanded to cover various applications across varied markets. With rising concerns related to security, fraud, and data privacy, applications based on information technology, wireless communications, and other commercial sectors are adopting smart cards. The market for smart cards witnessed technological advancements that led to the increasing growth of the product. Manufacturers are forced to adopt new strategies for growth to counter competition from new entrants, which also aided in the market growth. Banco Smart Solutions Ltd Is a newly organized company for extending potential investment in smart card technology promoting, system development and products marketing. BSSL is ready for proving its aggressive marketing approach and determined on its business target.
Banco Group has maintained stable growth and is in a condition of strength with which to enter a new era of expansion. We have great faith in the future of the Bangladesh and we look forward to participating in its continuing success.

Chairman’s Massages

In 1995 a history of creation and challenge took its first step with the incorporation of Banco Trans World (Bangladesh) Ltd. Riding the wheels of difficulty over the past several years, Banco Group has taken a firm root growing into what it is today. Banco Group is still growing day by day into new industries. All achievements are the rewards for the sweat shed by a highly motivated and loyal team of professionals.
When we founded Banco TransWorld (Bangladesh) Limited in 1995 our vision was to create a premier financial services group covering the whole Bangladesh, backed with strong partners and a world class team of experienced professionals, offering the finest services in investment in corporate business, asset management and financial investment. Banco TransWorld (Bangladesh) Limited was transformed into Banco Securities Ltd. in 2001 and Banco Finance & Investment Ltd. in 2011.
Our efforts have been recognized by the financial services industry as we have recently achieved top grades in Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission. This has been achieved thanks to the trust of our valued clients, the continuous support of our regulatory bodies and banks and also the dedication of our great team of professionals that relentlessly provides outstanding client satisfaction and cutting-edge execution.
Banco power has a long term plan of investing in PPP project for developing some national interest infrastructure and utilities. BANCO POWER LTD has been working for implementing a 50MW IPP power plant in Bangladesh for launching power sector business prospect. In this progression now BANCO POWER LTD. has placed an equity venture and seeking potential investor partner and technical assistance through international experience associates and capital management partners in this venture development process.
Banco Smart and Solutions Limited was incorporated in 2012, organized with aim of doing businesses of smart card marketing, system solutions providing, smart card system provider, instruments and system development and marketing.
This group also includes its real estate company in the name of summit properties Ltd. which was established in 1995. This company has intensive real estate activities in Dhaka and Sylhet.
In this business development process we are Looking forward cooperation from all of industrial corner and corporate body.
Abdul Muhith, M. Com, FCA (ENG. & WALES).

Banco Finance and Investment Ltd. (BFIL).
It originated from Banco TransWorld (BD) Limited which was incorporated in 1995. This Banco TransWorld (BD) Limited continued the business of merchant banking at its corporate office located at Ispahani Building (3rd floor), 14/15 Motijheel C/A, Dhaka-1000. The company quickly established itself as a major financial services company under the rules of Bangladesh Securities & Exchange Commission (BSEC). Subsequently this name was changed to Banco Finance & Investment Ltd. on 2/1/2011 and its corporate office was shifted from Motijheel to Baitul View Tower (11th floor), 56/1 Purana Paltan, Dhaka-1000.
BFIL is now a leading merchant banker in Bangladesh and rendering services as Issue Manager, Underwriter, Portfolio Manager and financial service providers. This company has experienced Managing Director/CEO and other expert hands to handle various matters of merchant banking.
a. Issue Management:
BANCO acts as “Manager to the issue” for initial floatation, issue of debentures and rights issues by companies. In this connection BFIL will:
• Assess the company’s suitability for listing its shares and arrange for submission of necessary applications to the regulatory authority;
• Review the capital needs of the company and advise on pricing of shares;
• Draw up a detailed timetable and co-ordinate the activities of other professional advisers;
• Help in drafting the prospectus and prepare the company for listing;
• Advise on overall marketing strategy;
• Arrange underwriting of the shares and securities;
• Assist in appointing bankers to the issue;
• Help in arranging trusteeship for debenture issue;
• Advise on market conditions and the potential demand from the investment community for the company’s securities;
• Represent the company to private and institutional investors, make presentation and arrange for placement of shares with institutions;
• Act as the contact between the company, the regulatory authority and the stock exchanges;
• Any other related function.

b. Underwriting: In addition to issue management, BFIL takes the responsibility of underwriting of shares both for IPO and right issue.
c. Portfolio Management: BFIL allows opening of portfolio accounts both discretionary and non-discretionary. It allows limited credit facilities to the clients within the regulations of Bangladesh Securities of Exchange Commission.
d. Financial Service: It also provides various financial services to the clients in connection with merchant banking.

Corporate Office:

Baitul View Tower (11th Floor),
56/1 Purana Paltan,(Opposite Baitul Mukarram Mosjid)
Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
Tel: +88 02 7124438, 7125634, 7125703
Fax: +88 02 7125910

Banco Securities Limited

Banco Securities Ltd. was initially functioning as a part of Banco TransWorld (BD) Limited with its membership no. 63 of Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited (DSE) with its corporate office located at Ispahani Building (3rd floor), 14/15 Motijheel C/A, Dhaka-1000. Subsequently Banco Securities Limited got its separate entity in 2001 and continued working in the new name with the same corporate office having its branches in Dhaka and other outside stations. This company in now a leading broker houses and dealer of Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited.

a) Brokerage Services: BSL buys and sells shares on behalf of its client strictly in accordance with the rules of DSE and BSEC. It realizes commission from the clients for such services.
b) CDBL Services:
• Full Depository Participant (DP) Service.
• BO (Beneficial Owner) account opening and maintenance.
• Dematerialization and Re-materialization of securities.
• Transfers and transmission of securities through CDBL.
• Pledging, Un-pledging and confiscation of securities.
c) Customer Services: It provides miscellaneous services to the clients in connection with collection of dividends, supply of statements for income tax return, etc.

Corporate Office:
Ispahani Building (3rd Floor)
14-15 Motijheel C/A, Dhaka- 1000.Bangladesh
Tel: +88 02 9569541, Fax: +88 02 9569612

Banco Power Limited (BPL)

Banco Power Limited is a newly organized company for design, development, financing, construction, operation, management of electrical & energy related projects and a wide range of power plant and energy resource management. As per conceptual plan and feasibility study the company has resolute a 50MW IPP plant with Rural Electrification Board, the largest Govt. power purchase agency for rural area. To ensure initial project planning and sourcing, qualified EPC contractor, Equipment & Vendor selection, technical and financing association Green Power Resources and its associates are engaged as consultant partner. In this project progression, BPL is looking a qualified IPP operator associates, some local & international banks and financial institutes have agreed to invest in the project.
Management has planned to develop coal fired power plant, combined cycle power plant with gas, dual fuel based power plant or any type of power plant business in Bangladesh. Now BPL and its associates from Malaysia, China, Finland, Switzerland, Germany, USA and UK are working together to achieve their goal to meet up national demand of electricity.

Nature of business
Banco Power Ltd has organized with aim of doing businesses of power generation, Electrical and electronic products manufacturing and marketing. Infrastructures project developing on BOT, BOO and BOOM basis, Power transmission, distribution. Power plant EPC, Operation & maintenance including, capital management to make sure potential foreign investment for venture development and promoting export. Banco power Ltd willing to contribute with the national development process through low cost power and microelectronics smart technology development such as chips embedding to semiconductors.

Corporate Office:
Baitul View Tower (11th Floor),
56/1 Purana Paltan,
(Opposite Baitul Mukarram Mosjid, North gate)
Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
Tel: +88 02 7124438, 7125634, 7125703
Fax: +88 02 7125910
E-mail: info@bancopowerltd.com

Summit Properties Limited (SPL)

This company was established in 1995 with its corporate office at Ispahani Building (3rd floor), 14-15, Motijheel C/A, Dhaka. It is a member of REHAB and working as a real estate development company at Dhaka and Sylhet. It has completed various projects at Dhanmondi, Baridhara, Segun Bagicha, Uttara, Badda, Banasree, Bashundhara, Mirpur, etc. at Dhaka and also some projects at Sylhet. It has a number of on-going projects at both the places.
We always maintain high standard of work by following rules prescribed by the Govt. the mantinance of time-schedule is also a major factor in our functioning.
Nature of business
Construction of residential and commercial building under joint venture agreements with land-owners or on freehold land procured with its own resources.

Corporate Office:
Ispahani Building (3rd Floor)
14-15 Motijheel C/A, Dhaka- 1000.Bangladesh
Tel: +88 02 9571781, Fax: +88 02 9569612.
E-mail: summitpropertiesltd@gmail.com

Head Office:
Baitul View Tower (11th Floor)
56/1, Purana Paltan
Dhaka- 1000.Bangladesh
Tel: +88 02 9571781, +88 02 9515140, Fax: +88 02 9569612.
E-mail: summitpropertiesltd@gmail.com

Banco Smart Solutions Limited (BSSL)

Banco Smart Solutions Ltd Is a newly organized company for extending potential investment in smart card technology promoting, system development and products marketing. As per the market potentiality study of smart card in Bangladesh during 2012-2016 as conducted by Nielsen Company, our country is a very prospective market in Asia. Commercial analysis and feasibility study of smart marketing have so far proved prospective business in Bangladesh, specially when the use of credit cards etc. is in sharp rising.
Banco smart solutions Ltd (BSSL) has raised sufficient working capital and worth for operating the business. In this short period, the company has built up a credit limit/margin competence due to management background and sound credibility in financial market. It has procured land at Shayestaganj, Dist. Habiganj which has easy communication with Dhaka, Chittagong and other places.
In order to ensure adequate supply of smart card products and systems, BSSL has developed a professional team for production and marketing. They are in the stage of orientation for presenting smart card technology and application system. For better presentation, technical solutions and commercial services, the company is developing joint collaboration with an experienced foreign company.
BSSL is ready for proving its aggressive marketing approach and determined on its business target.
Type of business
Nature of business
To carry out the business of verity of smart cards importing, supplying, providing printing and personalization support, especially for GSM-SIM Cards for Cell phone/telecommunication system. Contact and contact-less smart cards for national ID, voter ID, Driving License, Healthcare cards, Banking transaction Credit & Debit Cards, VISA, MasterCard, America express or globally recognize international financial transaction credit cards, E-Passport, access control, transportation management, privilege cards, Loyalty cards, attendance and access control cards, smart cards supplying, importing, exporting, marketing services if even setting by distributorship, agent or marketing representative in Bangladesh or globally. Micro electronics chip modules for Telecom, Banking and e-Governance smart cards, RFID cards. IC cards, Magnetic stripe cards & plain PVC cards, and of MasterCard’s, Visa Cards, EMV, Java cards and comparable micro electronics chips cards personalization and card producing.
Importing, Supplying of smart card related devices, instruments, systems development and installation services, operation and maintenance supports and for all card mechanisms.

Corporate Office:
Baitul View Tower (11th Floor),
56/1 Purana Paltan,
(Opposite Baitul Mukarram Mosjid)
Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
Tel: +88 02 7124438, 7125634, 7125703
Fax: +88 02 7125910
Executive Profile

Mr. Abdul Muhith, M. Com, FCA (ENG. & WALES).

Mr. Abdul Muhith has 25 years of business experience in many exclusive sectors locally and internationally, with a Master’s degree in Accounting. He is qualified as a chartered accountant in 1984 from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. He has had experience of working for some major companies of United Kingdom including Ernst and Young, the multinational firm of accountants. He is the Chairman of the Banco Group consisting of Banco Finance & Investment Ltd, Banco Securities Ltd., Banco Power Limited, Summit Properties Limited, Express Securities Ltd., Millinium Fisheries Ltd and also a Director of International Medical College & Hospital.

1. Date of Birth: 01 January 1955
2. Permanent Address: Flat no. C-5, House 32, Road 9A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
3. UK address: 1,Quarry Park Road, Sutton, Surrey, SM1 2DN.
4. Educational and Professional: Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) and Master of
Commerce from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.
5. Chartered Accountant. Qualified in 1984 from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in
England and Wales.
6. Business Details :
i. Senior Partner, Mohammad Shah & Co, Chartered Accountants at 209 Merton Road,
Wimbledon, London SW19 1EE.
ii. Chairman:
a) Banco Finance and Investment Limited (Merchant banker in Bangladesh).
b) Banco Securities Limited (Member of Dhaka Stock Exchange of Bangladesh).
c) Summit Properties Limited (Real Estate Development Company).
d) Express Securities Limited (a member of Chittagong Stock Exchange Ltd.).
e) Banco Power Limited (Power Generation Company in Bangladesh, in the process of
being operational).
f) Millennium Fisheries Limited (Fishing Project with 80 acres of land at Mymensing).
iii. Director:
a. International Medical College (Medical college and hospital in Tongi, Dhaka,
He is associated with many many social associations of Bangladeshis in U.K and working as community leader for the interest of our people there. He has different on-going schemes at Sylhet also to promote the fate of the rural people of Bangladesh.

Mr. A. Munim Chowdhury
Vice Chairman

He is the Vice-Chairman of Banco group as a whole. He started his career as a bank officer and then he switched over to state-owned corporation where he served in responsible position for above 29 years and then he took voluntary retirement in 1996 and joined private sector.
He has active role in Banco Finance & Investment Ltd., Banco Securities Ltd., Summit Properties Ltd. and other units of Banco group. His long experience in govt. sector as well as private sector has an added advantage to run the companies. A short bio-date is given below:

1. Date of birth: 30-06-1944
2. Present Address: Flat no. A/5, House no. – 32, Road no. – 9/A, Dhanmondi R/A,
3. Permanent Address: Vill- Rafipur, P.O. – Hetimganj, P.S- Golapganj, Dist:- Sylhet.
4. Academic qualification: M.Com. in Management and LL.B.
5. Experience: While working in state-owned corporation, he handled import, export, finance and other matters and thereby gathered wide experience in business field. He visited different countries and represented Bangladesh in international trade fairs abroad as Country Director. After his joining in the private sector he played important role in running the different units of Banco Group.
Present position:
(1) Banco Finance & Investment Ltd. (Merchant banker) – Vice-Chairman.
(2) Banco Securities Ltd. (Broker House under Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd.), Vice-Chairman.
(3) Summit Properties Ltd. (Real Estate Company), Managing Director.
(4) Express Securities Ltd. (Broker house under Chittagong Stock Exchange Ltd.), Director.
He is associated with many educational institutions in Sylhet and working for the promotion of education. He has also different on-going schemes for poverty erudition of the rural people.

Md. Shafiul Azam,

He is a Director of Banco group having MBA degree. He started his career with Banco
Securites Ltd. and gradually associated himself with other units. He has 16 years’
experience in capital market. His particulars are given below:-

Date of birth: 07-04-1976
Present address: Flat#8F, Concord Tower, 5, Shegun Bagicha, Dhaka-1000.
Permanent address: Vill- Judistipur, P.S- Fenchuganj, Dist-Sylhet.
Academic qualification: MBA
Experience: He is the key man of Banco Securites Ltd. and Banco Finance and Investment Ltd. with his
Dynamic steps, both the companies achieved high growth rate during the last few years.

Present position:

1) Banco Finance and Investment Ltd.
2) Banco Securites Ltd.

Managing Director:
1) Banco Power Ltd.
2) Banco Smart Solutions Ltd.

Besides his activities in business field, he has active role in different social organizations in his local area.
He has always been trying to improve the fate of the poor people.

Mr. Shamiul Islam, B.Com (Hons), M.Com (Actt.) C.A Inter
Mr. Shamiul Islam is experience in accounts management and especially expert as stock market player. He is the Managing director of Banco Securities Ltd. His excellent capacity in asset management and capital management trade, Banco Securities Ltd has achieved hugs profit and now it’s a one of the leading share market brokerage house in Bangladesh. He has been maintaining accounts administration very sincerely from last 16 year with many leading financial institution and asset Management Company. He has completed B.Com (Hons.) and M. Com with Accounting and qualified C.A inter in Chartered Accountancy (CA) in Bangladesh. He is married and having two children, now he is 58 years old and full time employed.

Wali-ul-Hasan Chowdhury
He is a resource hand and a Director of Summit Properties Ltd. and Banco Securities Ltd. he has been interested with the responsibility of all matters relevant to the real estate business of Summit Properties Ltd. His short bio-data is given below:

1. Date of Birth: 02-04-1974
2. Permanent Address: House-32, Flat-5/D, Road No. 9/A, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1205.
3. Academic qualification: B.Com (Hons.), M.Com. Major in Management